What's really going on with division?

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SWBAT develop and understanding of how division works.

Big Idea

Students will be using stations to develop an understanding of division.


15 minutes

The students will complete the following problem:

Tara made some chocolate chip cookies for the weekend.  She packed 36 of them into small bags and another two dozen into a container. She then gave them remaining cookies equally to her two best friends.  Each of her friends received 15 cookies.  How many cookies did Tara make?

This problem requires to students to employ MP 1 and 2 to figure out how to solve.  Then they will need to work backwards to find their solution.  Let students begin this problem on their own, then have them partner up to discuss strategies and revise their approach as needed (SMP 3)

I chose this problem so students continue to work on problems that are a little out of their reach but not impossible to solve.


60 minutes

During this Stations activity, I’m going to have the students working with division.  Students need to be able to fluently divide multi-digit numbers so I wanted to get a starting point as to where they are when it comes to dividing.  I felt the smaller group setting would allow me to see this better.

Teacher Work Station:  I will be having the students work on some multi-digit problems.  I will begin by dividing by a single digit, including zero spacers, but no remainders.  I want to see the mechanics they are using.  Students will be working out the problems on white boards so I can easily assess their ability. Prepare problems ahead of time to make sure there are no remainders and that common issues, such as what happens when you need a zero spacer, are addresses.

Independent Work Station:  I’ve created a worksheet of word problems involving all 4 operations.  I want the students to be able to tell me what operation is taking place, how do they know, and then solve the problem.  Encourage students to circle key words to support their answer.

Computer Work Station:  Students will be watching a video regarding long division.

This tutorial video is approximately 4 minutes long.  They can use the guided practice video(right tool bar) to work out more problems with assistance if needed. Encourage students to work the problem out independently and then use the assistance of the narrator to check their solution.   Students can use white boards or paper at this station.

I really liked this video.  It’s kid friendly and easy to understand.  


10 minutes

Today  I was looking at students in small groups to see how well they could divide.  During the teacher station, I took notes to identify students that are struggling and those students who can work independently.  For this closure, I’m going to do one more check.  I’m going to give the students 4 division problems.  Each problem will increase with difficulty.  Students will be informed that they should stop at the problem that gives them the biggest challenge.  I will be collecting this to support the evidence I collected during the teacher station.