Proportional Reasoning Review - Remember Hollywood Squares?

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Students will be able to solve a variety of problems related to proportional reasoning.

Big Idea

Remember Hollywood Squares? Step back a decade or two in this lesson to review proportional reasoning and have fun!


10 minutes

OpenerAs students enter the room, they will immediately pick up and begin working on the opener – Instructional Strategy - Process for openers. This method of working and going over the opener lends itself to allow students to construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others, which is mathematical practice 3

Learning Target:  After completion of the opener, I will address the day’s learning targets to the students.  In today’s lesson, the intended target is, “I can represent a proportional relationship via tables, graphs, equations, and words.  I can identify a constant of proportionality given a proportional relationship.” Students will jot the learning target down in their agendas (our version of a student planner, there is a place to write the learning target for every day). 


45 minutes

Hollywood Squares:  For today's review, I am going to have students play Hollywood squares, utilizing the two group review method that I use often (Two Group Review Strategy).  I have chosen this activity to elicit good mathematical discourse (mathematical practice 3) and reasoning with one another.  Additionally, when playing games, I do not assist students, thus they will have to work through problems to reach solutions (mathematical practice 1).  I have chosen problems that give students a good review of all aspects of prortional reasoning - writing equations given graphs, comparing unit rates, determining the constant of proportionality, etc. 


5 minutes