Reflection: Checks for Understanding A Sword Is Stuck In The Rock! Make Inferences About the Plot - Section 6: Share What You've Learned


I received a gift during this lesson, but the kids didn't intend to give it.....

As we were finishing the project, a student mentioned that their inferences were getting really long! She didn't really like having to write that much, but I changed it around to show them that their long writing shows me how smart they are becoming!  I gave them some perspective that the longer writing and deeper thoughts are getting them ready for 3rd grade.

This is how that conversation about longer detailed inferences went.

  Checks for Understanding: The kids complained, but I like the longer sentences that they write!
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A Sword Is Stuck In The Rock! Make Inferences About the Plot

Unit 13: Inference-What Do You Already Know and How Does the Text Help You?
Lesson 11 of 16

Objective: SWBAT ask and answer questions about the plot of a story, using information from the text and schema, to make inferences about the story elements.

Big Idea: King Arthur! A Sword in a Rock! Let's Infer What Happened By Asking Questions!

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English / Language Arts, Special Education, Reading, fable, 2nd Grade, story elements, questioning, inference, The Sword and the Stone
  55 minutes
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