Reflection: Checks for Understanding Critical Viewing II:Seeing Past The Gray of The Valley of Ashes - Section 3: Reading Review: Discussing Chapter 6 and 7


With today's questioning, I found that a small portion of the students were still avoiding coming to the board, remaining seated and not participating in the review. As this review serves to check their understanding of the readings and the novel, as well as to check they have read the novel, I began directly addressing these students to explain and explore the answers their peers added to the board. By calling on these students directly, I was able to draw them into the conversation, always providing an out to ensure their comfort, but at the same time reassuring to them that both their participation and understanding are of paramount importance to me. 

  Adjusting Process: Getting Students to Come to the Board
  Checks for Understanding: Adjusting Process: Getting Students to Come to the Board
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Critical Viewing II:Seeing Past The Gray of The Valley of Ashes

Unit 15: Literacy: "The Great Gatsby" Characterization, Style, and Visual Literacy
Lesson 11 of 16

Objective: SWBAT cite strong and thorough evidence from text and film in order to support analysis of setting and symbolism through both independent reading and critical viewing.

Big Idea: Depression, loss, misery, poverty: the Valley of Ashes is shaded by the symbolism of the color gray. Today, we reflect on the portrayal of the "gray."

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English / Language Arts, Literature, Fictional Literature, characterization, setting, symbolism, plot events, The Great Gatsby, Critical Viewing
  45 minutes
the great gatsby
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