Reflection: Intervention and Extension Introducing Poetry Terms and Vocabulary - Section 3: Examples to Start With


To challenge the majority of my students I ask them to write their own examples. I ask them to be very creative and not use any words that we have already used. They mark their example with a smiley face so that when I come around I can see that they tried my challenge. 

If the students want to do this at home and bring it back, I am always ok with that. I have a large amount of students that will do extra work when I call it a challenge. I do not give extra credit, but try to come up with some reward for the extra effort and work put into learning. 

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  Intervention and Extension: Example Challenge
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Introducing Poetry Terms and Vocabulary

Unit 16: Poetry
Lesson 1 of 9

Objective: SWBAT define and write examples for specific vocabulary terms that relate to an understanding of poetry.

Big Idea: To help build a base and beginning understanding for poetry terms we will be using. The lesson creates a reference page students can refer back to to help while we study.

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