Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Broken Ruler Measurements - Section 3: Measuring


I realized after watching this video, the student had changed his ruler to be renumbered to complete the tasks.  Although this did not create enough of a challenge, it was something that I modeled for the students.  He simply used the strategy I had demonstrated.   Using this lesson as a guide, it is something I won't always teach, but may be more appropriate for a small group lesson rather than a whole group lesson based on needs and skills of the students. 

  Student Using Modification
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Student Using Modification
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Broken Ruler Measurements

Unit 9: Measurement
Lesson 3 of 8

Objective: SWBAT problem solve in order to measure items using a broken ruler.

Big Idea: Using a broken ruler requires students to turn to addition and subtraction skills in order to determine measurements.

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