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On the first day of a new unit, I take a minute to note that we are beginning a set of topics. For example, today I explained how a unit on quadratics fits into the big picture of the course. I also discussed how it lays a foundation for future units on quadratic equations and statistics.

During the early lessons of a unit, I use verbal and non-verbal cues regularly to contextualize the lesson for students (in terms of the course and future learning). I also ask students what they think they will need to do in order to be successful and meet the day’s objective. The reason for this is to scaffold the development of mathematical practices and meta-cognitive strategies. In my school, it is important to focus on these skills and pay attention to helping students learn to use them with increasing independence.



  Starting a Unit
  Student Communication: Starting a Unit
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Introduction to Quadratic Functions

Unit 7: Interpret and Build Quadratic Functions and Equations
Lesson 1 of 13

Objective: SWBAT interpret tables and sketch graphs of quadratic functions. SWBAT interpret the domain of a quadratic function in terms of context. SWBAT graph quadratic functions accurately and describe the graphs using mathematical terminology.

Big Idea: Students use modeling and technology as tools to come to a deeper understanding of quadratic functions using real life contexts!

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