Reflection: Advanced Students Three Fish Limit Multiplication Word Problem - Section 3: Partner Work


There was a point during the school year when some of my students became very comfortable with this process of creating a plan, identifying the question, key information, and solving the word problems.  At this point the students also became very frustrated working with a partner who may have not been at the same level of proficiency as themselves.  It became apparent to me during this lesson that my students needed different options in working with others or working independently. 

During this lesson, I decided to allow the students to pass on having a partner.  Sometimes forcing students into a group or partnership creates resentment and stops the learning process.  As this was happening for some of my students, I changed my expectations to meet their needs.  Other students still worked with partners, and my more advanced students worked independently. 

  Advanced Students: Partners
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Three Fish Limit Multiplication Word Problem

Unit 6: Multiplication 2
Lesson 10 of 13

Objective: SWBAT explain the use of repeated addition and multiplication to solve a word problem

Big Idea: This multi-step word problem requires students to use repeated addition or multiplication to solve a word problem.

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Math, commutative property of multiplication, word problems, multiplication, repeated addition, multiplication models, area model
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