Reflection: Checks for Understanding Equivalent Fractions - Section 3: Fraction Squares - Independent Practice


Today I approached the independent practice by making sure students had practice before being on their own to work. I also circulated around the room providing support to students who were struggling with the idea of equivalent fractions. 

I wanted to make sure that students were beginning to understand and be able to show the idea that a portion of the whole can be labeled by more than one name.

I noted and supported students who were still struggling. 

I know that I now need to provide additional experiences for about 4 students who were unable to complete today's task. I will provide additional work with fraction circles that I have.

The fraction circles allow students to count the number of sections that make up a whole circle. They can see that each number of sections competes the same circle. 

  Checks for Understanding: Independent Practice
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Equivalent Fractions

Unit 9: Fractions
Lesson 9 of 10

Objective: SWBAT manipulate cut outs to find equivalent fractions

Big Idea: A whole can be cut into a variety of different parts. Those parts may identify the same portion of the whole.

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