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I chose not to do an individual assessment check at the end of today's lesson. I did want to introduce students to the idea that the size of the fractional piece depends on the size of the object students start with. I also wanted them to understand that sometimes we use a standard fractional measure. While these are understandings that are not specifically Common Core for second grade they do help build a foundational knowledge of how fractions work. It is a lesson that can help students build a clearer understanding of how fractions work.

It is not always necessary to have a formal check for understanding at the end of the lesson. Sometimes you are able to receive less formal formative feedback by observing children during the activity portion of the lesson. During all of this lesson I was involved in continuous assessment where I was watching what students are doing, and how they are working with fractions. This information gives me feedback on how I need to design my next fraction lesson.


  No Individual Check for Understanding
  Continuous Assessment: No Individual Check for Understanding
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Eating Fractions

Unit 9: Fractions
Lesson 8 of 10

Objective: SWBAT read fractional amounts and measure food to make a trail mix.

Big Idea: What better way to see a practical use of fractions than by measuring, mixing and eating the results.

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