Reflection: Pacing A Whole and Its Parts - Section 3: Fraction Centers


The purpose of this lesson is to provide a variety of experiences with using and identifying fractions. The Common Core standard for second grade is that the students become familiar with halves, thirds and quarters, and also understand that a whole is made up of fractional parts.

Students identified fractions, counted coins as fractions of a whole, and identified the number of parts in a whole during their center experiences today. Each of these was a hands on activity that provided concrete experiences with fractions. Second graders need that hands on experience, especially to realize that a whole is made up of fractional parts. Each time they were able to take the total number of coins and then give a partner the fraction of coins, or when they could answer that a whole divided into halves, thirds, etc. would have 2,3 parts, etc, they were visualizing that a fraction is a part of the whole.

  Visualizing Fractions
  Pacing: Visualizing Fractions
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A Whole and Its Parts

Unit 9: Fractions
Lesson 6 of 10

Objective: SWBAT identify how many parts it will take to make a whole

Big Idea: Students should be able to take fractions apart and put them back together to form a whole

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