Reflection: Relevance Area Word Problems - Days 1 & 2 - Section 2: Group Practice - Day 1


Have you ever heard, “I’ve told them a million times to ….”. The practice of having students reflect on their “practice” rather than their problem solving is an important component to becoming problem solvers.  This way the students pay attention to what is important. By focusing student attention on their mathematical practice, you are modeling the intent of your lesson. Rather than making the common error of referencing it and thinking that is sufficient. This way we demonstrate what we actually think is important/relevant by the attention we pay to it in a lesson.

Paying “lip service” doesn’t fool the kids. It is similar to the idea that if you are telling your child that they should pick up their bedroom, and the whole time you are saying it you are picking up their bedroom, what message do you think they take away? How about, if I leave it long enough mom will do it and the price I pay will be to listen to her preach about it.

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Area Word Problems - Days 1 & 2

Unit 3: Measurement
Lesson 13 of 13

Objective: SWBAT solve word problems to find the area.

Big Idea: Area word problems using a real world context pose new mathematical challenges for students to negotiate.

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