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Tools are very important when teaching for conceptual understanding.  In this lesson, the students were given the opportunity to use a balance scale to find the mass of an object.  I could have just shown the students pictures of the items and told the students that the eraser has more grams of mass than the paper clip.  I wanted my students to experience more!  Therefore, I gave them the hands-on experience of using a balance scale to measure the mass of the eraser.  This was a valuable experience for the students that they will remember.  If they see a question about grams and kilograms, the students will know that we use balance scales to weigh mass.  Plus, students love hands-on activities!

  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Tools
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Units of Mass

Unit 8: Measurement and Data
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Objective: SWBAT determine the appropriate unit of mass with which to measure an item.

Big Idea: Students learn that mass is weighed in grams and kilograms.

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