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In the previous lesson I taught on counting by 10s, I was concerned about the students' level of understanding of skip counting by 10s.  There were a few students who had not moved past rote counting by 10s.  I think this lesson made an important connection for those students.  It really helped them to understand that when we are counting by tens, we are saying a number that represents a group of ten objects. 

It is so much fun to come up with real-world tasks that help teach a mathematical concept.  Carrying out those tasks is more time consuming than copying a worksheet, but definitely worth the effort.  The students see math come to life and sometimes it is that one moment that can move a student to truly grasp a concept that is presented. 

  One Hundred Days of Learning-More Work with Counting by 10s
  Real World Applications: One Hundred Days of Learning-More Work with Counting by 10s
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The 100th Day: More Practice Skip Counting by 10s

Unit 6: Fun with Numbers 0-20 and Beyond
Lesson 5 of 21

Objective: Students will be able to skip count by 10s.

Big Idea: The 100th day of school is always filled with excitement. It also allows a great opportunity to reinforce skip counting by 10s.

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