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We recently had our state testing for the winter. My scores showed that 10 of my students are not proficient in reading. This is much better than my 21 to start the year, but I still have some changes to make in my instruction. For the rest of the year, these 10 students will be in my strategic reading group. I will see these students daily in small groups, but I will also have to work in opportunities for these students to practice test taking skills. Their data shows that they need work on inferences, so I need to create more opportunities for them to also work on this skill. I am adding this to my social studies and science lessons in addition to my reading lessons. 

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Finding THE MEssage Workstations

Unit 4: Poetry: A Love/Hate Relationship- "Love That Dog"
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Objective: SWBAT apply skills learned about poetry to interpret meaning and the theme of poems.

Big Idea: Independence is important in learning. Enjoy some freedom as you strengthen your skills in poetry.

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