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Using stations can be a challenge for some students, but it is important time in part because I use it to provide some differentiation to the students. I want my students to responsibly work through a task. Some students need support from me.  

Today, each of the stations included a separate quantity number that was assigned to students who are struggling with mastering multiplication and division.  These students were grouped together so that they were all working with the same problem, and I tried to follow and interact with this group most frequently during this section of the lesson. This also allowed them to have the differentiation of the work to their own level without other students knowing about the modification. Their whole amounts included facts to 100 for numbers divided by 6 and 3.  I moved throughout the room to make sure students were working on the task, and then gave support to this group more frequently.  

  Station Rotation: Stations
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Dividing Using Number Lines

Unit 5: Division
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: SWBAT to model and explain division using a number line.

Big Idea: Using a number line for division makes sense, once students see that they can represent any number on the line because they can add as many equal "parts" as they need to solve.

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Math, Number lines , Number Sense and Operations, division, Critical Area
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