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Once I find something that works, I tend to stick with it. In my short story unit, I did a plethora of story starters because they worked. In this unit, I think giving students really engaging pieces that use claims and evidence will be useful: I'm thinking "Is the crust of the bread really good for you?" or "Does Bigfoot really exist?" 

It's tricky with 6th graders because they need to know the skill, but the texts in order to get them there are hard to find. For example, if I taught high school, I might give them a piece like "Was the war in Iraq warranted?" or "Is global warming real?" In 6th grade, though, these kids still have a small scope of the world view, and can connect to smaller, lighter topics.

I dunno, though, I may try one about polar bears and global warming.

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Can Carrots Really Improve Your Eyesight?

Unit 14: Changes in Self-Perception: Part 3
Lesson 4 of 7

Objective: SWBAT: read an article and identify claims and evidence.

Big Idea: This article is either going to convince your students to eat more carrots, or continue consuming large amounts of candy.

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