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What I have noticed as CCSS have arrived is that when difficult concepts like division are being mastered, the gap widens among high end and lower end students. No longer can I teach in just "units" with a class altogether and no longer can I expect that my lower end students will master their division skills at the same time as my higher end. The difference is that the mastery is expected by the end of 4th grade. Prior to CCSS we treated students as a pass/fail situation based on grades only and not necessarily on whether standards are met and mastered. I believe no child should be "excused" from not mastering standards. At least, I have to set out to teach that way. Therefore, using quizzes, informal assessments, conferencing and review practices that are suiting the needs of the individual are more important than they ever have been. Is this more work? Yes and No. At first it is, but as CCSS takes hold, the conceptual understanding will strengthen each year and I believe we will see a shift to higher levels of thinking, more voracious learning of mathematics and a deeper understanding as a whole that forms a stronger foundation for the future. These two worksheets fit the needs of my class. I encourage any teacher to look deeply and work to adjust review time to the needs of  students and extend from these sheets. This Educreations Video shows examples of each kind of worksheet completed by two different students.

  Differention and an Attitude of Mastery
  Students with Disabilities: Differention and an Attitude of Mastery
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Division: Getting Ready to Test

Unit 9: Division Unit
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Objective: SWBAT practice solving multi digit division problems as well as multiple step word problems and comparison problems using division.

Big Idea: Students complete differentiated worksheets that help them prepare for the upcoming division test.

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