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If you have some extra time, I found this project that was of high interest and can be used as a summative assessment.  I did grade this, but it can be used by the teacher to provide feedback to the students on how they are doing using the formulas for 2-D figures

The project is to design a robot out of shapes they know (rectangle, square, trapezoid, parallelograms, triangles and irregular figures).  They create the robot, measure the side lengths, and find the total area.  

This project will support MP 1 (designing the robot and how to start). MP 4 ( using the formulas) MP 5 ( using the ruler) and MP 6 (precision: labeling and measuring)

Project Directions


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Irregular made regular!

Unit 8: Geometry
Lesson 6 of 17

Objective: SWBAT break figures into triangles, rectangles and trapezoids to find the area of irregular shapes.

Big Idea: Looking for a entry point and making connections between what we already know is a key focus in this lesson.

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irregular polygon problem solution
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