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By teaching students various methods to solve division problems involving a multi-digit dividend before today's lesson, students were provided with diverse entry points when solving the problems today. Some students were most comfortable with the standard algorithm while others preferred the partial quotients method. During this conference, Highlighters & Kleenex Part 1.MOV, I encouraged students to use different methods, depending on their strengths. I was so proud of this student for persevering as she used one of the most challenging methods: Highlighters & Kleenex Part

  Diverse Entry Points: Reflection
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Comparative Costs of School Supplies

Unit 7: Multi-Digit Division
Lesson 8 of 9

Objective: SWBAT divide to solve word problems involving multiplicative comparison.

Big Idea: Students will determine the cost of school supplies using multiplicative comparison.

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Math, division, multiplicative comparison, word problems
  100 minutes
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