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As I expected, many of my students were able to recall and define a variety of types of figurative language, from simile, metaphor, and personification, to alliteration, hyperbole, and idiom.  The opportunity they were given to showcase their knowledge seemed to infuse the classroom with a sense of confidence as we began reading The House On Mango Street.  My thanks to their previous English teachers!  

While I selected only simile, metaphor, and personification to focus on as we began The House on Mango Street, I will be sure to continue the focus on figurative language in the weeks to come, both from what my students named as well as what may be new to them.  This is done in order to maintain the focus on what good writers use, how and why they use it, and ultimately so that in time, my students will begin to make strategic decisions about developing their own writing.

  Figurative Language: What Students Already Know
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Figurative Language: What Students Already Know
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Canned Heat In My Heels: Figurative Language In The House on Mango Street

Unit 2: Literary Analysis: The House on Mango Street
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Objective: As a refresher to figurative language, SWBAT identify and define types of figurative language as well as cite and explain examples found in the first three vignettes of The House on Mango Street.

Big Idea: Making language memorable with the use of figurative language.

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