Reflection: Checks for Understanding Argument Writing and Twinning a poem by Plagiarizing with Purpose - Section 3: Application: Mimicking the Poem


Initially, students did not understand what to do with this mimic poem assignment. Some began to write excellent poems, but they did not mimic the structure of the original poem. Unfortunately, I had to ask them to redo their poems to follow the directions because I wanted them to write a poem that truly followed the structure of Hughes' poem to see how words work together to create an effect. I also wanted them to struggle with words a bit to make them much more proficient at understanding word functions within sentences. This is why it was so important to watch over them as they were writing in order to avoid having a student compose an entire poem that did meet the demands of the assignment.

If you are doing this lesson, I would suggest checking in with students after they finish the first 5 lines or so. This will help you determine whether they understand the point of the assignment.

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Argument Writing and Twinning a poem by Plagiarizing with Purpose

Unit 15: Writing Arguments
Lesson 8 of 8

Objective: Students will synthesize sources in order to write an argument paper that develops and supports claims; Students will use language effectively to mimic a poem

Big Idea: After writing an argument on demand, students create a twin...poem that is

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