Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Grandma's Button Box - Sorting - Section 3: Practice


As you may notice in the video, while the students understood that they needed to sort the buttons by color and responded to my questions with color words, many of the students were sorting by color and shape.  For example the first student in the video made a group of red buttons, but he only pulled out red squares.  After making the video, I went back to each table and showed students that when we sort by color, the buttons can be different shapes.  I also went back to the book Grandma's Button Box and showed the picture of how Kelly sorted the buttons by color.  The picture shows that there are different shapes, but they are all the same color.  I think this may have been a problem because I used buttons for our alike and different lesson.  During that lesson, I had students look for yellow circle buttons.  I would not change this lesson, but I will not use buttons for the alike and different lesson in the future since that seemed to cause some confusion.

  Sorting the Buttons by Color
  Adjustments to Practice: Sorting the Buttons by Color
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Grandma's Button Box - Sorting

Unit 1: Comparing and Sorting Objects
Lesson 5 of 17

Objective: Students will be able to compare objects and sort objects by color.

Big Idea: Students use the book Grandma's Button Box as a model to sort by color.

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