Reflection: Lesson Planning Discovering Trig Identities (Day 3 of 4) - Section 3: Closure


I noted that many of my students had a hard time with question 20. And it seemed that there were three major mistakes being made. Either students were missing the fact they need to substitute a=2 (Question 20 - What's wrong?), they missed the pattern in the argument for part c (Question 20 - What's wrong? (2)), or they missed the cotangent in part c (Question 20 - What's wrong? (3)).

Next time I teach this lesson, I think a good way to close out the day’s lesson would be to present the three students’ work above and have students try to identify the mistakes (MP6). Once those mistakes are found as a whole group, then students can go back and revise their answers to question 20 before they submit their work in tomorrow’s lesson.

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Discovering Trig Identities (Day 3 of 4)

Unit 9: Trigonometric Equations
Lesson 3 of 16

Objective: SWBAT visualize and interpret the trigonometric identities with a focus today on the co-function identities.

Big Idea: Students use TI-Nspire calculators to develop their own understandings of what trigonometric identities are and why they work.

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