Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Showing Halves - Section 3: Building Models


Students' abilities to understand the concept of half as a benchmark in fractions is critical for their success with Common Core Standards.  This lesson provides students with the opportunity to explain their thinking of this benchmark fraction through building models.  It also provided me with the assessment necessary to support students differing needs.  

For some of my students we started with just four squares and created a model with two tiles of each color.  I continued to build models with these students until they recognized the pattern. Next, I had the students rearrange the tiles into different patterns and asked if it was still half. This direct small modeling for some of the students was necessary to their understanding of fractions. 

  Diverse Entry Points: Differentiation
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Showing Halves

Unit 4: Fractions
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Objective: SWBAT create shapes using square tiles to show half.

Big Idea: Developing an understanding of benchmark fractions, students arrange and rearrange tiles to show different models of half.

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