Reflection: Student Ownership Fishbowl with Student-Generated Questions: Algernon and IQ - Section 3: Fishbowl Activity


My goal as a teacher is for my students to take over.  Not in a mutinous kind of way, but I feel like the the best classes are the ones in which students SEEK the learning, not where the students are like marionettes, controlled by the teacher to seek a particular outcome.

So, I like Fishbowl.  Even though I set the structure by giving them the timer and establishing the purpose, I like that students get a chance to ask the questions that they want to have answered.  As I mentioned in the lesson, they still have to improve their question writing and open themselves up to the possibilities -- I mean, not everyone can really be wondering if the operation was a good idea?  Especially because we have talked about that on more than one occasion!

I would be willing to guess that, if more teachers let students do some of the leading, I would have students who are more curious and open to asking their own questions.  Of course, many teachers would say that the students aren't ready, that they wouldn't make good decisions, or they wouldn't be productive.  But I wonder...

  Go ahead, take the wheel!
  Student Ownership: Go ahead, take the wheel!
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Fishbowl with Student-Generated Questions: Algernon and IQ

Unit 3: Flowers for Algernon
Lesson 4 of 7

Objective: SWBAT conduct discussions with their peers about issues related to our current readings

Big Idea: Finally! A chance to ask those burning questions...

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