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My students enjoy freewriting.  They look forward to having time to write about their experiences or to use it as a problem-solving strategy.  The activity provides them with an opportunity to write about what they choose and to do so without pressure of earning a grade or having to share their thoughts with anyone but me.  

Each year, my students tell me that they end up using freewriting when studying in other content area classes to write down what they know about a subject and then assess their knowledge to have more effective study sessions. 

Over my last three years teaching seniors, former students email me, thanking me for teaching them freewriting.  One student recently said that he uses it as a strategy to start writing term papers, that it helps him simply get his thoughts down.  

A guidance counselor at my school is my former student from the beginning of my career 24 years ago; she still has her journal from my English class and used freewriting when she was a classroom teacher, sharing her freewriting journal entries from my class with her students to show them how her writing became more proficient over time.


  Student Ownership: Reflection
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Freewriting: Building Fluency

Unit 6: Learning Strategies & Project-Based Learning
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Objective: SWBAT build fluency through freewriting.

Big Idea: "The reason one writes isn't the fact he wants to say something. He writes because he has something to say." F. Scott Fitzgerald

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