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Using the fraction strips the students have created for this unit was important for them to move from a concrete to an abstract understanding of fractions.  It was also important for them to be given more time on the first day to work to order the fraction cards.  The cards were given to the students in no particular order, and they needed extra support and encouragement to keep working to order the fractions.  I provided some modeling of comparing two fractions to find out which one was smallest.  However, I did not provide constant support because I wanted them to work through this challenge.  Each day of this lesson required less and less support for students, but they still needed help each day.  

  Using Manipulatives
  Perseverance: Using Manipulatives
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Ordering Fractions With Fraction Cards (Days 1 - 3)

Unit 4: Fractions
Lesson 16 of 18

Objective: SWBAT order unit fractions between zero and one.

Big Idea: This task requires students to use the numerators and denominators of fractions for ordering fractions between zero and one.

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Math, Fractions, Number Sense and Operations, Number lines , ordering fractions, Critical Area
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