Reflection: Pacing Theme Essay Prewriting - Section 3: Theme Essay Evidence Gathering


Most English teachers will tell you that teaching writing can be exhausting, and I am no different. What I have learned, however, is that the more you can guide your students through the process, step by step, the better the results tend to be.  This often takes a few days, but I would argue that it is time well spent.

For example, today our process began with whole-group topic brainstorming, followed by individual theme development, to the beginnings of evidence-gathering, which is where we leave off today. All along the way, I built in check-points for my students, to share their writing with the whole group at key stages for feedback. I have learned that if students are able to share with each other and myself as a whole group throughout the drafting process, the majority of my students benefit, whether by sharing their own work, or by listening to another share and the feedback provided.  

We will likely spend four to five more class sessions taking this essay from where we are today to its final draft stage.  I'll be tired, my students will be tired, but it will surely be the good kind of tired, with something to be proud of to show for the effort. 

  Teaching Writing=Running a Marathon
  Pacing: Teaching Writing=Running a Marathon
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Theme Essay Prewriting

Unit 8: Of Mice and Men Part II
Lesson 5 of 9

Objective: SWBAT identify a theme in Of Mice and Men and begin gathering the evidence from the text they will use to defend their chosen theme.

Big Idea: "Of Mice and Men is a book about . . . "

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