Reflection: Flexibility Twas the Night Before Christmas - Section 4: Wrap up


I am taking it easy, being flexible with my expectations at this time of year.  I want the kids to keep writing and drawing in response to text, but I want to have fun also.  I feel that I am accomplishing this by using a dot to dot font for them to trace the sentence and not having them write their own sentence.  Drawing a detailed picture and orally describing it to the class meets the standards of writing a narrative sentence of story details with a picture.  I love having structure and organization to my kindergarten day.  When people come into my room they think it is complete chaos.  I see it as organized chaos.  My students are on task but are five years old who like to run, skip and jump their way around the room.  They also talk a lot.  Having twenty seven students also adds to the feeling of chaos.  I love it.  I love having students help in the classroom with their jobs.  Each student is expected to step up and participate in doing their job.  I feel it promotes independence, self worth and a sense of class community.The pictures turned out awesome.  They loved the video at the end of the day.

  Let's take it easy
  Flexibility: Let's take it easy
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Twas the Night Before Christmas

Unit 7: Winter
Lesson 3 of 8

Objective: SWBAT write a narrative sentence and draw a detailed picture about the story events.

Big Idea: We will write about the events in the story and draw a picture of Santa Claus.

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  45 minutes
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