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In my holiday lessons, I am leading my students in discussion with questioning and answering about story details.  I am having them write a narrative sentence with a detailed picture about the events of the story.  I am flexible with my expectations because the students are just learning the vocabulary associated with holidays celebrated by their friends.  It is still the first half of the year and many of my students struggle with sounding out words to write.  That is hard work.  Today we are just going to trace the sentence and draw the picture.  I will be able to get an accurate assessment of their comprehension by their oral description of their detailed picture.  I am ready to have some fun with my students.  Looking back on the lesson, I probably should have had my students try to write a sentence using a sentence frame.  I was going for fast and easy and they could have handled more of a challenge.  I am always underestimating them.  

  Let's take it easy
  Flexibility: Let's take it easy
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Unit 7: Winter
Lesson 2 of 8

Objective: SWBAT write a narrative sentence about the events in the Kwanza story and draw a detailed picture.

Big Idea: We will learn about Kwanza and write a narrative sentence and draw a picture in repsponse to the story.

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