Reflection: Flexibility Hanukkah-The Festival of Lights - Section 3: Writing Activity


I find that I need to flexible to the needs of my students.  We have worked hard learning to write opinion papers independently for the District Writing test in November.  Now that the test is behind us and the holidays ahead, I want to let my students write with no stress or big expectations.  I chose to pre-write the sentences with dot to dot font and not a sentence starter.  My higher students could have had fun with sentence starters but it is sometime enjoyable to concentrate on the drawing as the response to literature.  I was hoping to expose my students to new holidays and new ideas.  They are excited and have difficulty focusing for very long.  We had discussions and asked questions and then drew a picture about the events in the story.  I was surprised how much detail went into some of the pictures.

  Let's take it easy
  Flexibility: Let's take it easy
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Hanukkah-The Festival of Lights

Unit 7: Winter
Lesson 1 of 8

Objective: SWBAT write a narrative sentence describing their drawing after listening to the story about Hanukkah.

Big Idea: We will draw a picture and write a sentence about the tradition of Hanukkah.

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