Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Understanding Division Through Bubble Wrap - Section 1: Core Lesson: Roll Out the Bubble Wrap!


About midway through this lesson, I realized I needed a better guide for my students to fully understand their work. The questions listed on the board worked just fine and they were able to refer to them as they solved. But, I think this worksheet is a much better and easier way to assess their understanding. When I was done, all I had was their notebooks and I found that some of them were not detailed enough. This worksheet guides their thinking more clearly. I would still list the questions on the board, but list it exactly like the worksheet. As I work to meet CCSS and work through the in depth conceptual process of developing lessons, I have to adjust and be flexible to meet the needs of my students. Please use this "Thinking Path" worksheet as you teach this lesson.

Bubble Wrap Math Thinking Sheet

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Understanding Division Through Bubble Wrap

Unit 9: Division Unit
Lesson 11 of 21

Objective: SWBAT find whole number quotients and explain/show the relationship between multiplication and division.

Big Idea: Students use bubble wrap as a tool to explore and find factor pairs and to better understand the relationship between multiplication and division.

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