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My students have been working so hard as they complete skill based problems of adding, subtracting, and multiplying with fractions and whole numbers.  To solve one problem, many steps are required.  It takes perseverance to complete all of the steps needed to work through a problem from start to finish.  For the majority of the week, I have asked students to work with problems in isolation, rather than in a context.  This is important because students need time to practice these new skills. 

In isolation, students are able to demonstrate mastery of these skills.  Moving forward, I will begin to mix these skills together in problem-based tasks.  Determining when to add, subtract, or multiply fractions is a another channeling skill that students need to develop next.  

This salmon problem is an example of this type of problem that I will incorporate more of moving forward.

  So many new skills!
  Problem-based Approaches: So many new skills!
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Multiplying Fractions (Day 2)

Unit 4: Multiplying and Dividing Fractions
Lesson 5 of 13

Objective: SWBAT solve problems involving multiplying fractions (and whole numbers).

Big Idea: Students apply skills they have learned and practiced to solve a real life problem about our local "save our salmon" project.

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Math, modeling, Number Sense and Operations, Fractions, multiply fractions, Critical Area
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