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Letting children wear their pajamas to school is just plain fun!  They love the casualness of the day.  They love to bring a bit of home to their school day and to share with friends.  In March, during Reading Month, our school has an Elementary school-wide day called Pajamarama and it is usually the kick-off activity for Reading Month.  The children gather in the cafeteria and gym, lie down on the floor and read silently for thirty minutes.  It is tricky to keep the kindergarten children quietly reading the whole time, so I will often read quietly to keep the group under control.

  Joy: Pajamarama
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Good Night Dino!

Unit 10: Making a Reading and Writing Connection
Lesson 8 of 13

Objective: SWBAT make a personal connection to a story and write about it. Student Objective: I can write a story about how I say goodnight.

Big Idea: Taking an everyday event and expressing it through writing is empowering to kindergarten children. Using a favorite story to spark ideas helps to give the students the platform to begin the composition process.

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