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I confess I was skeptical when I first though up this lesson. As I circulated checking on my students' work I was proud of the confident way in which all ability levels began working on the Venn Diagram. As they began completing the prompt, I quickly became very excited by the ability of many of them to go beyond superficial differences and really focus on the selections' themes. An added benefit of this lesson was that it gave me a window into the level each child was working on. Some were stull stuck at a lower level of thinking. For example, students at the lower end compared physical attributes; this was the case of one who wrote the characters were similar because they had two legs (we hadn't gotten to our animal unit :). Another student (who's work appears in the one in the resource section) was unable to show understanding of the central theme. This child knew how to use the Venn Diagram and referenced the text, but had no true understanding of the relevant features of the characters and was not yet ready to compare events. These answers were important information to plan discussions with reading groups.

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They are the same?!

Unit 1: Key Ideas and Details in Literature
Lesson 12 of 12

Objective: SWBAT identify the central ideas of two books and compare them.

Big Idea: Students will be surprised at how two books that seem completely different can have the same central idea. You'll be surprised at the depth of their analysis.

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