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Completing the math worksheet went much better today.  I am glad that I pulled the students who needed help aside yesterday because they did so much better today!  I still needed to walk around after each question to make sure that everyone was staying together, but there was much less confusion over how to circle an answer.  I also found that carrying a big pink eraser was helpful.  Some students got a bit confused on which question they were on and circled more than one answer in the same box.  After two students ripped their papers trying to erase, I grabbed my eraser and began just quickly erasing for them.  This made things much easier and saved time. 

  Completing a Math Worksheet
  Completing a Math Worksheet
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Sorting by Color

Unit 1: Comparing and Sorting Objects
Lesson 4 of 17

Objective: Students will be able to compare objects and sort objects by color.

Big Idea: Counting bears that are the same size and shape help students focus on just one attribute.

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