Reflection: Student Self-Assessment Subtraction and Addition of Multi-digit Numbers: Assessing Our Growth - Section 3: Conferencing with Students


Conferencing is my way of monitoring student progress and personalizing learning for each of my students. I think this practice makes mathematical learning interesting an helps students take ownership for their work. Their written papers will be placed in their Writing Portfolio. As the year progresses, and we do this self evaluation process again, I plan to have them look at their description of what they had learned to compare their ability to pinpoint what standards had been mastered. I expect that the students who had difficulty writing about their learning will grow to be able to self assess and reflect because it will become part of our learning process as the year progresses.

I saw varied levels of their abilities to express themselves, but I do know that as we talked, they understood that taking time to celebrate their progress was worth it. They loved seeing their scores improve. This excitement could be heard in their voices. It is what CCSS allows room for. That depth that is expected as we move forward in our transitions is revealed and I expect will become second nature becoming excellent students of mathematics and deeper thinkers.

  Workng with Students to Help Them Appreciate Their Growth
  Student Self-Assessment: Workng with Students to Help Them Appreciate Their Growth
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Subtraction and Addition of Multi-digit Numbers: Assessing Our Growth

Unit 10: Addition and Subtraction: Algorithms to One Million
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Objective: SWBAT assess their growth in mastery of standards involving rounding, adding and subtracting of multi-digit numbers and solving multi-step word problems.

Big Idea: Students examine their pre and post tests to evaluate what standards are mastered and which need to still be mastered through writing a reflection.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, Operations , subtraction, Writing in Math, student accountability, rounding, multidigit numbers, Test Review
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