Reflection: High Expectations Gatsby: Rumors, Characters, and Plot--A Midpoint Review - Section 3: Reading Day: Chapter 5 (And 6, If You're Feeling Motivated!)


I allow my students the independence to work at their own pace because I have high expectations of their work. As I noted above, by giving them the flexibility to prove they can work at their own pacing provides the motivation to do so. In today's independent reading, they proved so; as I circulated the room, they appeared to be, and were, focused on the material. I stopped at a few, and discussed where they were and what questions they had, addressing the ideas mentioned above (the clock, the rain, etc.).  

  Expectations of Students: Time to Work at Their Own Pace
  High Expectations: Expectations of Students: Time to Work at Their Own Pace
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Gatsby: Rumors, Characters, and Plot--A Midpoint Review

Unit 15: Literacy: "The Great Gatsby" Characterization, Style, and Visual Literacy
Lesson 8 of 16

Objective: SWBAT demonstrate how rumors about Jay Gatsby establish characterization, fuel suspense, and drive the plot by collaboratively creating a map of the plot.

Big Idea: As the plot of the novel is revealed, so is the deepening mystery of Jay Gatsby--let's make sense of the rumors surrounding him.

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