Reflection: Student Ownership Daisy and Gatsby Reunited: Exploring Character Interaction - Section 3: Reading Day: Chapter 6 (and 7!)


As noted above, today's conversation on Chapter 5 ran much longer than I anticipated, and we did not spend as much time reading independently as initially planned. But like yesterday, students remained focused as they read, and I was able to provide feedback as they did so. One of the most challenging aspects of independent reading is getting students to ask questions about what they are reading. While the review guides help, giving students a focus for their reading, by circulating the room and engaging the students I can also address any questions. 

  Student Independent Reading: A Day of Their Own Pacing
  Student Ownership: Student Independent Reading: A Day of Their Own Pacing
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Daisy and Gatsby Reunited: Exploring Character Interaction

Unit 15: Literacy: "The Great Gatsby" Characterization, Style, and Visual Literacy
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Objective: SWBAT independently locate and cite strong and thorough textual evidence to demonstrate understanding of symbolic character interactions in "The Great Gatsby" though class review.

Big Idea: Reunited and it feels so good; Daisy and Gatsby understood there's one perfect fit, and this one is it.

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daisy and gatsby reunited
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