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While these articles are not argument, they are a great way to foster students thinking about what's going on in the world. Many students can live sheltered lives and I think, as a teacher, it's important to find those moments in which you can share what is really going on in the world. In this case, I want students to see the inequalities in education and the differences between private and public schools. I also want them to have practice with participating in these kinds of heated discussion. While this topic is not incredibly controversial, it does spark a stronger reaction in my students. The goal is then foster a strong reaction into a strong writing piece. Eventually students will be able to work on an argument of their choosing and if they have a strong reaction they will most definitely want to take that idea further.

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Using Current Events For Argument Writing

Unit 14: Argument Writing
Lesson 5 of 7

Objective: SWBAT read and analyze news articles as a way to make their own claim for argument writing.

Big Idea: Should all students have an equal opportunity to an education? Looking at both sides of the issue.

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