Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Designing the Perfect Floor Plan: Showing Understanding of Area and Perimeter - Section 2: Connection to Real Life: Looking at a Floorplan


One student asked if we should use area model to multiply. I used this moment to connect this multiplication strategy to area and help them understand that each number represented a length and width, (sort of) without units. It was the same concept with different meaning. I heard one student say "OHHHHHH!" and could see that the whole concept of area must have all of a sudden clicked! These "aha" moments are what I live for.  Prior to teaching CCSS, I would not have worked that hard to help students make these kinds of connections and I was more focused on just getting them to memorize the formulas. I think the connection to the real world, looking at jobs and floor plans of houses makes the formulas have meaning.

In the past, prior to CCSS, I would have just used the text book and the drawings that would be offered in the lesson. The real world connection that MP 4 encourages helped students connect prior knowledge of arrays. So, getting myself out of that text book and transferring it to real life resources makes it all more meaningful.


  Making the Connections
  Adjustments to Practice: Making the Connections
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Designing the Perfect Floor Plan: Showing Understanding of Area and Perimeter

Unit 2: Metric Measurement
Lesson 13 of 18

Objective: SWBAT calculate area and perimeter in metric units.

Big Idea: Students get to design the floor plan of a house that fits the needs of their family using graph paper, equations and labels.

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Math, Measurement, Conversions (Within and Between Systems), metric units, design, real world application
  50 minutes
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