Reflection: Station Rotation Looking at Real Bears - Section 3: Guided Practice


During this lesson my students rotated through four work stations where they read and found facts about real bears.  However at the computer station my students were reading the Scholastic News e-edition.  The e-edition is a little different than the hard copy edition in that it has interactive vocabulary activities, and some type of 'game' activity (this particle edition had the students creating a news article).  This e-edition also went into a little more detail about animal habitats.

As noted in the guided practice, my students did not fill in the activity sheet while they were at the computer.  What they were doing was listening to the article and doing the on-line activities. Which will help prepare them for taking on-line tests by familiarizing them with listening to directions given over the computer and using the mouse to move texts and pictures, as well as bubble in answers.

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Looking at Real Bears

Unit 1: Events and Characters
Lesson 10 of 10

Objective: SWBAT identify facts about bears and describe those facts in their journals

Big Idea: Today it's all about the facts

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