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This part of the lesson was only possible because I started laying the foundation for such an activity from the beginning of the year. From day one I have modeled and we have practiced how to review what a selection was about by skim reading, thinking about the pictures and having quiet conversations about them with a neighbor. At the beginning it was slow going, but now (2/3rds into the year) the scaffolding has paid off and we can spend some minutes reviewing a selection or a chapter in a textbook before doing an activity that will require critical thinking.

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They are the same?!

Unit 1: Key Ideas and Details in Literature
Lesson 12 of 12

Objective: SWBAT identify the central ideas of two books and compare them.

Big Idea: Students will be surprised at how two books that seem completely different can have the same central idea. You'll be surprised at the depth of their analysis.

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