Reflection: Diverse Entry Points True/False Equations: Working with the Order of Operations + Show what you know - Section 2: More True/False Equations


As I walked around, some groups chose to work together on each equation Unit 1.12 Working Together.jpg, while other groups split up the cards and worked by themselves and then checked in later Unit 1.12 Divide and Conquer.jpeg.

As I was walking around I asked students questions to understand their thinking.  See the videos below to see examples of my questioning.  

  Diverse Entry Points: Monitoring Group Work and Asking Questions
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True/False Equations: Working with the Order of Operations + Show what you know

Unit 1: Intro to 6th Grade Math & Number Characteristics
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Objective: SWBAT: • Use OOO to simplify numerical expressions • Show what they know about OOO

Big Idea: Does 15 + 2^3 = 15 + 2 x 3? Students work with equations that get to many common misconceptions that involve the order of operations. Students also take a short assessment.

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Math, order of operations, Number Sense and Operations, 6th grade, master teacher project, numerical expressions
  60 minutes
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