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As I mentioned in other lessons, I include journal writing as an independent activity because to me it closes the lesson.  If I leave the lesson with the collaborative piece, then my students will not have the opportunity to put into words, or apply and synthesize what they had just worked on.  It is my hope that as my students continue with their college careers and work experience, they will be better equipped to go the extra mile to finish the task or job at hand because they were given the foundation in First grade.

In the featured videos the first boy with the glasses has not quite finished, however, he has the ideas.  I included the second video with the quiet boy because he is so quiet that sometimes I am concerned that he is not understanding.  His journal demonstrates that he does understand. The last video depicts a confident student.  Had I not had them write in their journals, then they would have been finished with the lesson and would not have a base what to do to further support them.  This way I have a better idea of how to differentiate  each reading group and what to do to plan for whole group instruction.

  Journal Writing
  Real World Applications: Journal Writing
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Looking at the Events

Unit 1: Events and Characters
Lesson 7 of 10

Objective: SWBAT identify one event in the story and describe how the character reacted to the event.

Big Idea: Your students will realize that how the character reacts to an event can change the out come of the story.

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