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I attached two different versions of the gum chewing debate because I have students at different levels in my class - but wanted each to feel he/she could work independently on the evidence collection part. The higher groups I gave the second worksheet and the graphic expository-persuasive organizer to complete. This required them to backwards map the article to identify the components the author completed. My lower level students completed article one and looked for facts and opinions - still gathering data but in a simpler way.

This gave both the opportunity to feel successful and to gain understanding of the pros and cons of gum chewing. 

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Does Gum Chewing Really Help with Testing?

Unit 15: Arguing to make a point!
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Objective: SWBAT...analyze an article on "Can chewing gum really help students focus?" to identify the thesis, supporting reasons and counter argument.

Big Idea: Arguments need to be backed with facts and examples to make them reasonable to their audience.

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