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The gist of the lesson is creating a Tall Tales character, giving him/her extraordinary powers, then writing causes and effects as they relate to these powers.

This lesson was successful, but there was unnecessary confusion because I didn't require them to actually write the Tall Tale.  That sounds a little odd, but my kids write stories so often, I thought I'd give them a break from doing so. 

Confusion set in because without actually writing a Tall Tale, the kids didn't connect to their character very well.  In the future, I will ask them to write a Tall Tale about a created character and based on the story, find causes and effects.

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Cause and Effect of Tall Tales Characters

Unit 18: Tall Tales and Legends Conglomeration
Lesson 6 of 6

Objective: TSWBAT write a list of cause and effect situations after reading Tall Tales and creating a character.

Big Idea: Well....if this happens....then this could happen.

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