Reflection: Checks for Understanding Speaking, Listening and Writing Compound Contrasting Sentences - Section 3: Independent Practice With Partners


     I am so thankful for the Master Teacher Project and all the video I've taken of my students this year.  I know many teachers are afraid of Common Core, thinking that what we're asking students to do is too difficult for them.  When I think back to how I taught only a year ago, I'm amazed at how much I've learned as I tried to find new ways of teaching so my students can master these standards.

     I taught this lesson at the beginning of April.  At this time of year, I'm stepping back and letting my students be independent with their learning.  I am amazed at what my students can accomplish.  A year ago, I didn't know what  it looked like to have my students cite evidence from the text when answering questions.  Last year at this time I was doing too much modeling and "hand holding" of my students.  Because we've done so many lessons using a double bubble map students were confident in their abilities.  In this lesson students were not only able to contrast the different points in our two stories but they were able to communicate these ideas by speaking using complex language and then in turn writing these ideas using complex language.  I have asked my students to do something much more complex than saying or writing something along the lines of  "These two ideas are different because ......"

     My students are doing so many complex tasks in reading and I'm so proud of their achievement.  You'll see that if you take the plunge like I did, your students will truly do some amazing things.

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Speaking, Listening and Writing Compound Contrasting Sentences

Unit 6: Comparing and Contrasting with the Three Little Pigs
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Objective: SWBAT take the information from their double bubble maps and write complex contrasting sentences using a connecting word.

Big Idea: Today we are contrasting our two stories and writing a compound sentence using a connecting word. We are analyzing how the author structured their stories while we contrast

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English / Language Arts, Reading, Fiction (Reading), Reading Comprehension, Comparing and Contrasting
  40 minutes
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