Reflection: High Quality Task Locating University-Based Merit Scholarships - Section 2: University-Based Merit Aid - Deeper Searching


I mention in the previous narrative section of this lesson that teachers conducting this lesson should do their homework, and, in this reflective moment, I want to really, really reemphasize this. It is easy for students to fall off task during the assisted searching if there are few merit scholarships for them to locate and consider.  In fact, the majority of your class might be off-task after a few mouse clicks.

I suggest you have something in your proverbial "back pocket" -- something useful for each student to potentially do -- for those students who find no real opportunities to consider.  If you have a ready-made back-up activity or task then everyone is busy as you help those students with opportunities navigate the sometimes confusing FA office sites.

Just as a helpful suggestion, I can provide this cherry-picked and nearly random list of schools with just the type of merit aid opportunities that you seek for this unit: Northwestern, Vanderbilt, Davidson, Emory, and St. Olaf.

  Be Prepared Before this Searching
  High Quality Task: Be Prepared Before this Searching
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Locating University-Based Merit Scholarships

Unit 8: Applying for College Scholarships
Lesson 2 of 6

Objective: SWBAT list up to five potential scholarships (from their "accepted schools"), and they will begin the process of narrowing their personal list to focus on one scholarship application for a class requirement.

Big Idea: ... it's time to find some college money - the goal is one semester's worth of "book money" ...

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English / Language Arts, college scholarships, college planning, student aid
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